At Smugglers Cove, we have implemented several initiatives to make our operations more environmentally friendly and contribute towards the creation of a sustainable future.

Our initiatives

PV panels

In September 2023, Smugglers Cove completed the installation of a new 14KWA PV energy generating system on the roof of the main building.  In light of the escalating electricity costs and environmental concerns, we made a strategic commitment to integrate this project into our sustainability efforts. The system holds the potential to generate a substantial amount of our electricity requirement especially during our busy summer season. The capability to harness the power of the sun and daylight energy represents a substantial cost-saving opportunity for us in the years ahead.

This project received support from BIM and the European Union Brexit Blue Economy Enterprise Development program, enabling us to successfully implement this valuable initiative.


The Centre has introduced dedicated bins both indoors and outdoors for the separation of general rubbish and recycling. This initiative has led to a nearly 50% reduction in the amount of general waste being sent to landfill.


In 2023, we introduced a number of beehives in a peaceful, secluded location, away from public areas. Looking ahead to 2024, we are eager to expand this project by introducing additional hives. Bees are an integral component of biodiversity, which is critical to our survival.


There is almost 300m of hedging as well as a number of bat boxes and bird boxes around the premise of Smugglers Cove, which we have found to be excellent for bird nesting and feeding, particularly in winter months.

Water Supply

The centre is entirely reliant on well water with no dependency on the public water supply.

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A man flying high off the Big Tube at Smugglers Cove

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A man flying high off the Big Tube at Smugglers Cove