Adventure Golf

Smugglers Cove Adventure Golf with 18 holes of fun for all the family.   Take the challenge – an all weather pitch with disappearing balls, cannons, skull and cross bones, water features and a raft.  Have you got what it takes?!



  • Hole number two is played over three greens with the ball disappearing and reappearing between each one.
  • All of the holes have an easy or hard way to play which makes the course suitable for adults and children.
  • The obstacle in hole number five is a treasure chest and hole number six is in the shape of a boat.
  • There are two wooden rafts which transport you to and from an island green, and the ball has to go through a chute.
  • The water feature adds a stream and another challenge to the adventure.
  • Putt through a cannon or a barrel and at hole number 17 there’s a skull and crossbones to tackle.
  • Smugglers Cove Adventure Golf is perfect for children as the focus throughout is on fun, security and safety.
  • There’s strong fencing surrounding the course and one enters and exits at the same point.  It’s ideal for children’s parties, team building and special or corporate events.
  • The coffee shop offers a comfortable space to enjoy quality coffee and light snacks.  It has large windows overlooking some of the best views you could wish for, over the 350-yard golf range, Rosscarbery estuary and towards Galley Head on the skyline.

“Do ye have what it takes to challenge Smugglers Cove!”